‘Doing things differently because of climate change’. – Tackling such a task can hardly proceed without analysis, assessments or methods to inform decision-making. They may range from the very simple to the rather sophisticated.

Policy-makers and practitioners on adaptation to climate change typically ask: offers an inventory of methods for adaptation to climate change organised along the following four topics (‘Modules’), offering the following knowledge products:

  • A closer look at …”: Introduces the topic and navigates through to key terms,
  • Method Briefs: Practical experiences from countries; discusses entry points for adaptation and specific methods supporting decision-making, and the conditions and experiences of their application;
  • Tools and Training Materials: Useful freely available materials;
  • Further reading: provides selected material for further information;
  • Webinars showcase recent country experiences in Climate Information & Services, Monitoring & Evaluation and Mainstreaming Adaptation in four-week discussion series.