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Introducing the Climate Knowledge Brokers Group
Author: CDKN 2013
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Metadata Standards, Data Catalogues and Data Requirements for the Identification of Climate Impacts
Metadata Catalogues – Data Management for Climate Change Impact Analyses and Adaptation Measures. Desk study and prototype. Author: GIZ (2011)
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There are several web-based climate information portals that provide climate data and information as well as tools for analysis. Below are some links:

The Climate Knowledge Brokers (CKB), formed in 2011 as an informal network, has the objective to forge closer collaborative links between climate knowledge brokers working in the climate and development area. The ultimate aim is to improve access to reliable information and robust methods for those working in these sectors, particularly in developing countries, and to enhance their ability to share lessons and experience. For further information please follow:

For resources related dealing with the issue of climate services, please follow the links below: