Monitoring and Evaluating Adaptation at Aggregated Levels: A comparative analysis of ten systems

An overview and analysis of 10 national adaptation M&E systems


This study analyses ten national adaptation M&E systems (France, Germany, Kenya, Mekong River Commission, Morocco, Nepal, Norway, Philippines, PPCR and UK). A factsheet for each country or organisation is describing the adaptation M&E system in detail including the institutional arrangements, the M&E method and the data and indicators used. The intention of the study is to make national adaptation M&E systems more tangible and illustrate how they can be designed. Adaptation indicators used by the examined countries are compiled in a separate repository ► “Repository of Adaptation Indicators“, which explains their relevance for adaptation and provides details on data sources and calculation.

Target Group Individuals involved or interested in national adaptation M&E systems
Type of resource Study and practical case descriptions
Comparative analysis of 10 adaptation M&E systems at the national level (8.4 MB)
This report presents a comparative analysis of 10 existing national adaptation M&E systems and a factsheets for each to quickly grasp and learn from these cases.
Seguimiento y Evaluación de la Adaptación a Niveles Agregados: Un Análisis Comparativo de Diez Sistemas (8.8 MB)
Spanish Translation of the Comparative Analysis of ten national Adaptation M&E Systems
Suivre et évaluer l’adaptation au changement climatique à haut niveau (9.4 MB)
French Translation of the Comparative Analysis of ten national Adaptation M&E Systems

M&E factsheets are available for the following countries or organisations:

France Germany Kenya Mekong River Commission Mexico
Morocco Nepal Norway Philippines PPCR
UK Cambodia South Africa 

Les fiches d’information S&E sont disponibles pour les pays ou organisations suivants:

France Allemagne Kenya Commision du Mékong (Mexique)
Maroc Nepal Norvège Philippines PPCR

Las fichas técnicas S&E son disponibles para los paises e organizaciones siguientes:

Francia Alemania Kenia Comisión del Río Mekong México
Marruecos Nepal Noruega Filipinas PPCR
Reino Unido