Assessing and Monitoring Climate Resilience

An approach to monitor climate resilience at the national level


The discussion paper by GIZ and the United Nations University specifies resilience as consisting of three different capacities: absorptive, adaptive and transformative capacity. Each capacity can be described along five dimensions: social, ecological, economic, physical and institutional. Taken together, this understanding of resilience leads to the climate resilience matrix (capacities times dimensions) which forms the foundation to assess resilience.

The discussion paper suggests two approaches for an assessment: defining (proxy) indicators for each dimension of each capacity or employing household surveys. A list of generic indicators with global data availability is provided, although applications need to be tailored to the needs and objectives of each country.

Target Group Technical advisors and policy makers, implementing agencies and NGOs
Type of resource Conceptual framework, repository of indicators
Assessing and Monitoring Climate Resilience (2.6 MB)
Assessing and Monitoring Climate Resilience. Discussion paper.
Valoración y Seguimiento de la Resiliencia Climática (1.8 MB)
Un Documento de Debate. (Spanish Translation of "Assessing and Monitoring climate resilience")