The GIZ project „Effective Adaptation Finance (M&E Adapt)“ on behalf of BMZ facilitates exchange and learning on methods and tools for M&E of adaptation and fosters capacity building. As part of this effort, the project regularly hosts or contributes to webinars.

Webinar “Assessing national adaptation in light of the Paris Agreement” (15 December 2016)

The webinar presented the results of the Adaptation Metrics Conference, which was hosted by the Scientific Committee of COP22, and introduced a guidebook for the development of national adaptation M&E Systems. The guidebook was developed in cooperation with the UNFCCC Adaptation Committee and the Least Developed Countries Expert Group. The webinar also demonstrated how the M&E guidebook was used as part of the NAP process in Togo.

You can download the presentations, listen to the webinar recording (requires JAVA) and read a blog about the Adaptation Metrics Conference.

Webinar „Impact Evaluation of Climate Adaptation Projects“ (05 October 2016).

The webinar launched the new Impact Evaluation Guidebook for Climate Adaptation Projects, developed in collaboration between GIZ, CeVAL and UNDP, and discussed the following questions:

  • How can the impact of adaptation projects be assessed?
  • Which impact evaluation methods can be applied to which types of adaptation projects?
  • How can a participatory impact evaluation be designed in practice? An example from Morocco.


  • Dr. Stefan Silvestrini, Executive director of the Centre for Evaluation (CEval)
  • Dr. Gunther Bensch, Leibniz Institute for Economic Research (RWI)
  • Moderated by: Timo Leiter, GIZ Project “M&E Adapt”

You can listen to the webinar recording and download the presentations.

Introduction to Adaptation Made to Measure: A guidebook for results-based Monitoring of Adaptation Projects (26 March 2013)