The GIZ project „Effective adaptation finance (M&E Adapt)“ on behalf of BMZ facilitates exchange and learning on methods and tools for M&E of adaptation and fosters capacity building. As part of this effort, the project regularly contributes to international conferences including the UN climate change negotiations.
3rd European Adaptation Conference: M&E Sessions

6-8 June 2017, Glasgow, Scotland.

The 3rd European Climate Change Adaptation (ECCA) conference saw 850 experts, decision makers and practitioners exchange the latest ideas and practices for adaptation. Session 6.13 Monitoring and evaluating adaptation in practice: learning from (sub)national examples from Europe and beyond featured the adaptation M&E Systems of partner countries Morocco and South Africa. European examples presented at the session came from the Netherlands and the UK including Scotland. Session 6.9 Fostering dialog and learning on monitoring and evaluation of climate change Adaptation and disaster risk reduction policies included the presentation of a new article by Timo Leiter (GIZ) and Patrick Pringle (UKCIP) entitled Pitfalls and Potentials of Measuring Climate Change Adaptation through Adaptation Metrics. A detailed outline of both sessions is available in the conference programme. All presentations can be accessed trough the conference app (“ECCA 2017”).

OECD Expert Meeting: Tracking national adaptation progress

14-15 March 2017, Paris, France.

The bi-annual OECD Global Forum on the Environment and Climate Change met to exchange views and disccuss possibilities for tracking national progress on adaptation and collective progress towards the global goal on adaptation. Results of the break-out session co-chaired by Andrea Meza (Costa Rica) and Timo Leiter (GIZ) highlighted the benefits, challenges and lessons learned. The agenda and all presentations can be viewed at the website of the OECD Climate Change Expert Group.

Side Event on NAP and M&E at COP22 in Morocco

14 November 2016, Marrakesh, Morocco

The Korea Adaptation Center for Climate Change (KACCC) at the Korea Environment Institute (KEI) hosted a Side Event at COP22 entitled How to monitor and evaluate NAP? : Lessons learned and the way Forward. The Event featured country presentations and experiences with adaptation M&E from Mexico, Nepal and Korea. GIZ presented the guidebook for the development of national adaptation M&E Systems which was developed together with the Adaptation Committee, the LEG and IISD, and launched at COP21.

Adaptation Metrics Conference

27 September 2016, Rabat, Morocco

The Scientific Committee of COP22 supported by GIZ Morocco hosted the Adaptation Metrics Conference under the title “Measuring adaptation for concrete action” on 27 September in Skhirat, Morocco (Programme flyer). The conference was attended by over 100 representatives of implementing agencies, financial institutions, international organisations, think tanks and academia. A summary of the conference was submitted by the Kingdom of Morocco to the UNFCCC Adaptation Committee. The Project M&E Adapt also published a summary with reflections about the conference at the UKCIP Blog.

Adaptation Futures Conference 2016: “Monitoring, reporting and evaluating adaptation: current practice and looking ahead”

10-12 May 2016

GIZ & the European Environment Agency jointly organized the practice session “Monitoring, reporting and evaluating adaptation: current practice and looking ahead” (session PR 8.8). Four case studies of national and regional adaptation M&E systems were presented from Germany, the Mekong River Commission, the UK and South Africa. GIZ presented the guidebook on developing national adaptation M&E systems and EEA presented the report on adaptation M&E systems in Europe. A concise summary is available as session report and the presentations are available at the conference results page.

UNFCCC Side Event: “Monitoring & Reporting Adaptation: learning from pioneering countries”

9 Juni 2015, Bonn, Germany Flyer of the Side Event

Numerous governments are developing national adaptation M&E Systems in order to track implementation and assess the effectiveness of adaptation actions. Soon, several countries including Germany, the Philippines and South Africa will for the first time report results of their adaptation M&E systems. Key questions for national adaptation reporting are the purpose of reporting, what to report, to whom, how often and via which channels. At the Side Event, Germany and the Philippines presented details of their national adaptation reporting process and outputs (see presentations below). To kick-off the fishbowl discussion, South Africa presented its adaptation mainstreaming and M&E work and Christina Chan, member and former Co-Chair of the Adaptation Committee, reflected on the link to international reporting. Click to download the presentations:

9th Community-based Adaptation Conference: Measuring effective adaptation

27-30 April 2015, Nairobi, Kenya

The 9th CBA conference had the theme “Measuring and enhancing effective adaptation”. More than 400 people from roughly 90 countries attended. The project “M&E Adapt” was part of the plenary session “Measuring, linking and learning about adaptation effectiveness across scales” (details are available as journal article) and contributed to multiple sessions, presenting the M&E guidebook “Adaptation made to measure” and the corresponding monitoring tool (MACC). A summary of the conference is available as conference proceedings. A daily blog, videos and the programme of the conference can be downloaded at the conference website.

2nd International Conference on Evaluating Climate Change and Development

4-6 November 2014, Washington DC

Almost 300 practitioners, academics, and policymakers from 59 countries met to exchange ideas and methods, as well as to identify new ways to support the demand and use of climate change and development evaluations in order to improve policy making. The conference was organized by the Independent Evaluation Unit of the Global Environment Facility and co-hosted by GIZ on behalf of BMZ. Visit the conference website for plenary and webinar recordings and to view the detailed programme. Highlights from the conference are published in the open-access book “Evaluating Climate Change Action for Sustainable Development” by Springer Publishing (2016).

UNFCCC Side Event: “Measuring and reporting effective adaptation: challenges, approaches and ways forward”

10 June 2014, Bonn, Germany

The debate on adaptation in the 2015 climate agreement and the establishment of the Green Climate Fund have sparked an intense discussion on adaptation effectiveness. How can an outcome-oriented use of adaptation finance be ensured? What approaches are needed for measuring and reporting adaptation results? GIZ, IIED and the GEF presented their approaches and activities in results-oriented monitoring. Panelists from Kenya and the Mekong River Commission (MRC) discussed their experience with setting up M&E systems for adaptation to climate change. For further details please see the side event Report.

You can find the presentations here: