EVPA Webinar: Opportunities for Climate Adaptation Finance – An Introduction

While some of the implications of climate change still seem far away, record-setting heatwaves, flooding, storms and wildfires already imply significant economic and social costs to societies globally. These events are also indications of the potential future social, economic, geopolitical, and environmental disruptions of climate change. At the same time, a growing number of companies in developing countries and emerging markets offer products and services that support their customers in adapting to climate change.

In 2018, an estimated $170 billion have been spent on climate solutions globally and that market is expected to more than double in size by 2022. However, actual financing flows of climate adaptation solutions are insufficient consideringthe challenges the world is facing and the urgency of the problem. In this EVPA e-talk, the importance of providing private capital for climate adaptation finance will be discussed.

During the first part, climate investment professionals discuss market trends, business opportunities, unrealized impact potentials, as well as common challenges. There will be opportunities for to aks questions and to further exchange on the topic in the second part of the session. The panel consists of the following speakers: Urs Dieterich (Landscape Resilience Fund), Laura Würtenberger (Climate Adaptation Finance), Peter Onguka (Root Capital), Anja König (EVPA), Denise Engels (GIZ) and Frank Aswani (AVPA).

Access to the webinar recording here


Launch Event: Synergies between adaptation, biodiversity and mitigation

In Oktober 2022, the IKI-funded and GIZ-implemented Global Project Mainstreaming EbA hosted an online launch event for the publication ‘Synergies between adaptation, biodiversity and mitigation: How Ecosystem-based Adaptation can build bridges between Nationally Determined Contributions and the new Global Biodiversity Framework’.

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Launch Event: Climate Justice in Ecosystem-based Adaptation – The new Publication Collection

The IKI-funded and GIZ-implemented Global Project Mainstreaming EbA hosted an online launch event for the new collection of publications on ‘Climate justice in Ecosystem-based Adaptation’. In early 2022 the Global Project on Mainstreaming EbA together with FAKT Consult launched a process to assess and contribute to bridging the gap between theory and practice of justice-based EbA.

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Launch Event: Synergies Between Biodiversity and Climate Policy Frameworks

This online launch event of six thematic papers on ‘Synergies Between Biodiversity and Climate Policy Frameworks’ includes presentations of the thematic paper series’ key findings from a policy, science and implementation perspective. The series is published as a package and provides an overview, a sound scientific basis, as well as inspirational examples and case studies of synergies between biodiversity and climate change commitments.

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