Private Sector & Adaptation

Dealing with risks and seizing &
financing opportunities in
the private sector

Oklan Best Ltd.​

By integrating Nigerian farmers into the global market, providing trainings and planting materials, and facilitating access to finance, Oklan Best enables farmers to diversify their income and thus increase their resilience to the ecological and economic effects of climate change.


Business Model

Oklan Best Ltd. is an exporting firm focused on the integration of farmers into global markets and processing of raw agroproducts. They provide training and planting materials, and increase access to finance for agribusiness stakeholders. With its interest in Shea butter, Cassava, Yam and other food staples, Oklan Best Ltd. has continually provided innovative solutions to enhance farmers’ resilience and diversify their income.

Adaptation Impact

Providing innovative solutions to combat climate change, enhancing farmers’ resilience to climate change-related disruption and damages by increasing and diversifying farmers’ income  and quantifying climate change-related risks.

Gender relevance

 Women as beneficiaries, and 70% women in leadership positions.