ClinfoMATE – Conceptual foundations for a digital tool for enhancing the development of a Climate Service market

The use of Climate Information by sectoral users is often limited as climate information does not comply with the users’ needs, access is limited, climate data is not processable or not understandable. Moreover, the Climate Service market (providers and products) is not transparent to potential users and Climate Service providers often don’t know how to assess user needs. In face of lacking procedures for user-provider interaction processes of climate information delivery is often time consuming and inefficient.
Hence, the global objectives of ClinfoMATE are:
• Enhancing the CS market
• Creating transparency of the CS market
• Enhancing the access to CS products
• Enhancing the effectiveness of CS provision
• Providing structured guidance and support for users to engage in climate risk assessment
• Reconciling user needs and providers capabilities
• Enhancing user-provider interaction and knowledge brokerage
A prototype of ClinfoMATE can be accessed here: