Sharing success in Ecosystem-based Adaptation – EbA Solution Portal now online

What if we could learn from each other’s success? The EbA Solution Portal fosters sharing of field-proven knowledge and experience on Ecosystem-based Adaptation in different regions and ecosystems around the globe. It shows that inspiring and replicable solutions can be found everywhere on this planet and that EbA or “green solutions” are a state-of-the-art-reply to climate change impacts and deliver a multitude of benefits for societies, economies and environment.

This new global exchange platform under the PANORAMA initiative was officially launched at CBD CoP 13 in Cancún. Now the portal is open to connect practitioners and decision makers and to solution providers from all countries, sectors and levels to share their stories.

2 thoughts on “Sharing success in Ecosystem-based Adaptation – EbA Solution Portal now online

  1. Since its establishment in 2009, Puntland Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism (MoEWT) was busy to determine a way of increasing accessibility of water for pastoral communities who are struggling with the Arid climatic conditions. Livestock contributes to more 85% the GDP of Puntland but now faces real threats from the negative impacts of climate change (recurrent severe droughts).

    Under a GEF funded Agro-pastoral resilience enhancement project, MoEWT-UNDP constructed a sand dam on Biyo Guduud seasonal river in Bander bayla district. The dam was able to store surface water from upstream rains about 30 km water. Pastoral communities, livestock and wildlife in the area utilized the water for 2-3 months. The water was trucked to other communities living as far 90km away from the site.

    Given that the technology was new in Puntland but has so far yielded good results, MoEWT and its partners are now working on scaling up the initiative and keeping in mind the lessons learned from the project.

    I think this can be replicated in any ASAL with the right geological formation.

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