Climate Expert Full Company Assessment

Publishing date: March 2016

The Climate Expert Full Company Assessment (online version) is an analysis tool that enables small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to assess climate change impacts. The Full Company Assessment supports SMEs in identifying and prioritizing the risks and opportunities of climate change. The Excel-based framework helps to identify relevant adaptation measures which fit a company’s special characteristics. Based on this assessment, SMEs can develop realistic adaptation strategies. The Full Company Assessment is based on the 4-Step Climate Expert Approach. It can be conducted by the SMEs themselves or in cooperation with local consultants. The analysis tool has been applied in several countries including Bangladesh, Costa Rica, Morocco, Nicaragua and Rwanda. The tool can be directly accessed below.

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Resource Type: Analytical Tool

Target Group: Private Sector

Region: Asia , Africa , Americas

Further resources:

Excel Tool: Climate Expert Full Company Assessment

The Excel Sheets can be used by consultants to conduct full company assessments with SMEs. The Sheets allow companies to fill in and analyse all relevant information for developing an adaptation strategy.