Cooperation Management for Practitioners – Managing Social Change with Capacity WORKS

Publishing date: January 2015

Capacity WORKS is a management model that supports managers, executives, consultants or advisors in business, governance, public administration or the nonprofit sector, to successfully manage cooperation. Cooperation across state levels, sectors and even nations is crucial in dealing successfully with cross-cutting issues such as climate change. Coordinating and finding common goals between various actors with different understandings and partly competing interests is of great importance to ensure acceptance of NDC adaptation goals and their successful implementation. Capacity WORKS provides a clear management model with the five success factors strategy, steering structure, cooperation, processes, learning and innovation. Over 40 tools and recommendations help to prevent possible impasses and achieve joint results.

The management model is based on experiences from Burkina Faso, Peru, Tajikistan and Tunisia. A preview can be accessed below. The book can be purchased under the same link.


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Language: Spanish , French , German

Resource Type: Guidance

Target Group: Governments , Technical Experts , Civil Society , Project Managers/ Developers

Region: Asia , Africa

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