Multi Criteria Analysis Template IMACC

Publishing date: January 2012

The Multi Criteria Analysis Template is an analysis tool that was developed for technical experts, project developers/ managers and civil society to support the prioritisation of adaptation options. This template is designed to compare up to ten adaptation options according to a set of up to ten criteria. Criteria are defined according to the specific context. Examples are feasibility, cost effectiveness, resources needed or ease of implementation. The criteria can be given different weights if required. The template allows entering scores for each option under each criterion and calculates the total score per adaptation option, resulting in a ranking of these options. The template can be downloaded from the website that can be accessed below.

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Resource Type: Analytical Tool

Target Group: Technical Experts , Civil Society , Project Managers/ Developers

Further resources:

Cost Benefit Analysis Template IMACC

An Excel tool helping to compare up to three adaptation options using cost-benefit analyses and sensitivity analyses.


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