Adaptation made to measure

Publishing date: November 2013

“Adaptation made to measure”, a guidebook for project developers and managers, implementing agencies and donors, describes five steps to designing adaptation projects and their results-based monitoring systems. The guide offers practical advice to the questions “What characterizes an adaptation project?” and “How can adaptation results be measured?”. The five steps are illustrated through a case study from India. The guide is accompanied by an Excel Tool to operationalize the five steps (MACC Tool).

More information, the guidebook itself and the MACC Tool can be accessed below.

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Language: Spanish , French

Resource Type: Guidance

Target Group: Governments , Technical Experts , Project Managers/ Developers

Region: Asia

Further resources:

Monitoring Adaptation to Climate Change (MACC)

The Excel tool “MACC” leads project managers through the five steps of the guidebook “Adaptation made to measure”. It can be used to directly enter monitoring data and keep an overview of project progress. Based on a theory of change approach the tool allows defining up to 15 intended results with up to three indictors each. Data can be directly entered into the Excel file making it a very practical devise for project monitoring. The tool is easy to navigate and video tutorials explain each of the five steps. It is also helpful for planning adaptation projects.


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