Saved health, saved wealth: an approach to quantifying the benefits of climate change adaptation

Publishing date: September 2013

“Saved Health/ Saved Wealth” was developed for project developers and managers, implementing agencies and donors to quantify the benefits of adaptation measures in terms of avoided economic damages, illnesses and mortality. It can be used a priori based on scenarios to select the most promising adaptation options, or as an evaluation tool for ongoing or completed adaptation projects.

The methodology compares a baseline situation (economic assets and life expectancy) with economic and health losses that could be avoided through adaptation. It is illustrated with reference to two adaptation options (building a dyke or planting mangroves in Viet Nam). Also, an Excel tool is provided for the calculation of Saved Health and Saved Wealth.

The tool as well as more information on both adaptation options can be accessed below.

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Resource Type: Analytical Tool

Target Group: Project Managers/ Developers

Region: Asia