The Vulnerability Sourcebook

Publishing date: January 2014

The Vulnerability Sourcebook is targeted at governmental and non-governmental organisations as well as technical experts and presents a comprehensive analysis tool for conducting regular vulnerability assessments. Many NDCs base the development of their adaptation goals on identified vulnerabilities. Where this is not the case, sectoral vulnerability assessments can inform future iterations of NDCs. Project or local level vulnerability assessments can also be used for the implementation of existing NDC adaptation goals, for example within a NAP process. The Vulnerability Sourcebook provides step-by-step guidelines on how to conduct vulnerability assessments and to monitor changes in vulnerability over time. The annex contains supplementary information and practical tools for conducting vulnerability assessments, including sample indicator lists and impact chains. The Sourcebook’s supplement adapts this approach according to the IPCC AR5 concept of risk and presents a hands-on climate risk assessment approach based on the Sourcebook methodology (see Further Resources below). The Sourcebook uses case studies from Bolivia, Pakistan, Burundi and Mozambique. The website that you can access below provides more information and links to the Sourcebook and its supplementary material.

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Language: Spanish , French

Resource Type: Analytical Tool

Target Group: Governments , Technical Experts

Region: Asia , Africa , Americas

Further resources:

Risk Supplement to the Vulnerability Sourcebook

This supplementary material offers guidance on how to apply the Vulnerability Sourcebook’s approach with the new IPCC AR5 concept of climate risk.


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