The Stocktaking for National Adaptation Planning (SNAP) Tool

Publishing date: January 2014

The SNAP tool addresses decision-makers and technical experts from ministries as well as NGOs and other stakeholders. It provides guidance for developing a snapshot of the planning capacities that are currently available. Thus, it helps to identify the country’s point of departure for initiating the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) process. When preparing for NDC implementation or even a future NDC iteration, a stocktake of existing capacities, ongoing activities and adaptation needs forms the basis for identifying strategic goals. The assessment is conducted through a one- or two-day workshop involving key stakeholders.

The publication that can be accessed below describes the utility and use of the SNAP tool in the NAP process and highlights results from its application in various geographical terrains on national and subnational scale. It uses case studies from Albania, Grenada, Guyana, India, Thailand and Togo.

The SNAP tool is now also available in Arabic - تقدير خطط التكيُف الوطنية - تقييم قدرات تنفيذ المساهمات المُحددة وطنياً</</

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Language: French

Resource Type: Analytical Tool

Target Group: Governments , Technical Experts , Civil Society

Region: Asia , Africa , Americas , Europe