Training: Integrating Climate Change Adaptation into Development Planning

Publishing date: July 2011

This training course is designed to increase the capacity of development actors and institutions in taking action on climate change adaptation, including the implementation of adaptation goals set out in NDCs. The teachings of this course provide an introduction to the theory and practical starting points of adaptation to the effects of climate change. Through 10 thematic modules training participants will learn

  • what climate change is and how it is interlinked with development cooperation,
  • where to find relevant climate information and how to use it,
  • how to think through systematic steps aiming at defining concrete adaptation options at national, sector, local and project levels,
  • how to define necessary institutional capacities to carry out a change process and
  • how to plan and support processes of mainstreaming adaptation to climate change in their institution.
This training aims at enhancing capacities at national, provincial and local level and to support institutions in successfully implementing the OECD Policy Guidance and taking action on climate change adaptation. It is designed for a maximum of 4-5 days but due to its modular structure can be tailored into a shorter training for specific target audiences. More information and training materials for trainers and participants can be accessed below.

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Language: Spanish , French

Resource Type: Training

Target Group: Governments , Technical Experts , Civil Society

Region: Africa