Cookbook “Tailor made training courses on climate change adaptation”

Publishing date: October 2013

The Cookbook is aimed at supporting trainers in conducting climate change adaptation trainings. Raising awareness and increasing capacity on climate change and potential adaptation options is crucial for successful adaptation to climate change. Achieving NDC and/ or NAP adaptation goals requires awareness and capacity on the complexity of climate change adaptation (CCA) across political levels and sectors. The Cookbook is based on the valuable experiences from more than thirty training workshops in different countries and for a variety of target audiences. In its first part, it covers key “ingredients” for programming a CCA training event and gives guidance on questions that often arise during preparation. The second part contains tried and tested “recipes”, i.e. training design briefs for different training formats depending on the target group and the desired output.

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Language: Spanish , French

Resource Type: Guidance

Target Group: Technical Experts , Project Managers/ Developers