New movie series “Living Adaptation” is out now!

Climate change adaptation plays a crucial role in transforming agri-food systems. Many different measures are already being implemented, with the aim of building climate resilience. How do they look like in practice? The new movie series “Living Adaptation”, which provides valuable insights and inspiration, is now available on Adaptation Community. It showcases best practice examples of climate change adaptation measures in agriculture and rural development. The movie series contains four short video clips presenting best practices from GIZ India, Madagascar, Ethiopia, and a regional project in southern Africa. An accompanying overarching movie, published by BMZ, briefly introduces the topic of climate change adaptation in agriculture and rural development more broadly – and gives a quick glimpse into the various country experiences. The BMZ movie titled “Pathways to Climate Resilient Agri-Food Systems” is available in English and German (with French subtitles).  

A country experience from GIZ India illustrates how agroecological principles like recycling, connectivity and soil health are being applied in practice: The short movie “Indian farmers turning garbage into gold” in English and German shows how urban waste is turned into organic compost – an innovative adaptation solution for both cities and farmers. Municipal waste is reused, and the farmers harvest improved produce, while strengthening the resilience of farmland soils.  

The short movie from GIZ Madagascar demonstrates how digital meteorological advisory services empower local farmers to adapt their agricultural practices to the changing climate. Together with other innovative measures such as climate risk insurances and agroecological farming practices, this integrated approach is effectively enhancing the resilience of Malagasy farmers in the face of climate change impacts. The video clip “A call for innovative solutions in Madagascar” is availbale in English, German and French.   

A best practice from GIZ Ethiopia presents a systemic approach to strengthen the resilience of pastoral communities – with the goal of rehabilitating degraded land and creating additional livelihood options. Check out the short movie “Ethiopian pastoralists building resilience” in English and French. Last but not least, the video clip “Joint Climate Action in Africa” in English  shows how decision-makers from various African countries join forces to address climate change in the international policy sphere.   

Grab some popcorn and enjoy watching the movie series! Please feel free to share the stories with your colleagues and networks or use them for presentations or workshops. 

If you want to learn more about agroecology, check out this page on our Adaptation Community with a lot of additional resources: Agroecology

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