New Publication: Interactive product landscape on tools for climate-resilient agri-food Systems

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Agricultural development projects often emphasize the need for climate change adaptation and mitigation in production. Yet upstream and downstream functions of agricultural value chains bear a similar importance for resilience of the agricultural system. Guidance for the use of adequate tools and at best a comprehensive approach can enhance the effectiveness of development projects.

The Task Force Climate-Smart Agricultural Value Chains of the Sector Network Rural Development (SNRD) Asia/ Pacific formed in February 2022 to fill the gap for the streamlined guidance. The Task Force has produced several products that can help project planning and implementation: A compendium of existing tools/methods/guides for climate change adaptation and mitigation in agri-food systems and an interactive product landscape that complements the compendium and gives a visual overview of and easy access to the tools as well as additional relevant documents.

Access to the compendium here.
Access the product landscape here.

Recent News

GIZ, UNU-EHS/MCII and the Thai Department of Agriculture successfully launched the project “Enhancing Risk Assessments (ERA) for Improved Country Risk Financing Strategies” in Thailand

A successful kick-off workshop for the ERA project (Enhancing Risk Assessments for Improved Country Risk Financing Strategies) was held in Bangkok, Thailand on May 15-16, 2023. The Department of Agriculture (DOA) and GIZ’s “Agri-Climate Risk Financing” project collaborated to host the event. The workshop introduced the ERA project and the ECA framework, and participants worked together to determine the scope of the risk assessment.

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How soils help adapt to climate change

Soil protection and rehabilitation (SPR) technologies provide several advantages, including benefits for mitigation and adaptation. Two new publications on SPR provide a guide for systematically assessing its adaptation relevance. Additionally, an Excel tool is published to implement the approach.

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10th Sankalp Africa Summit, Kenya – Fireside chat: The Secret to Adaptation Investment

On March 1st and 2nd 2023  the 10th Sankalp Africa Summit took place in Nairobi, Kenya. “The Secret to adaptation investment” was a session curated by GIZ and DFC at the Sankalp Africa Summit. The panel session brought together stakeholders including investors, adaptation & resilience businesses, and intermediary institutions to discuss the experience in promoting the adaptation ecosystem in different capacities.

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