New ‘Solutions in Focus’ publication out now

The Global Project Mainstreaming EbA just launched a new compilation of replicable EbA examples from the platform PANORAMA-Solutions for a Healthy Planet. The publication ‘Solutions in Focus – Key Themes for Ecosystem-based Adaptation‘ intends to inspire policy- and decision-makers as well as practitioners by showcasing a selection of solutions that have been applied in very different settings and focusing on key aspects and themes that are important for the longevity of EbA.

20 solutions from around the globe illustrate how topics such as gender, governance, economy and finance or sustainable agriculture have been successfully implemented as part of EbA projects.

The document shows that EbA has ‘many faces’: it is being implemented successfully in a broad range of countries and ecosystems and it is driven forward by all kinds of people and organisations. At the same time, the publication makes clear that in order for EbA to be sustainable, projects need to consider cross-cutting topics such as governance and gender; they need to ensure and come up with long-term financing mechanisms and need to aim for the mainstreaming of EbA into other fields such as agriculture and urban contexts.

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Partnership OECS and GIZ

For six years now, the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) and GIZ’s Global Programme ‘Human Mobility in the Context of Climate Change’ have collaborated in their aim to human mobility as a consequence of the region’s increasing environmental challenges. A newly published article by the OECS describes how the partnership looked like and how the organisations took action through strategic thinking, capacity building, and publication of various knowledge products.

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