Discussion series: “Evidence on the effectiveness of EbA measures”

Two women working at a computer

Photo © GIZ / Michael Kottmeier

In collaboration with UN-Environment REGATTA/Practical Actions

1st online session How to strengthen evidence of the effectiveness of ecosystem-based adaptation (implemented by UN-Environment REGATTA/Practical Actions, 2 March 2017)

2nd online session Valuating and communicating the economic benefits of EbA (16 March 2017)

  • Economic tools for counting, capturing and investing in ecosystems as climate adaptation infrastructure
  • Valuating economic benefits of EbA in Thailand: EbA sediment trap versus dredging
  • Communicating “Building with Nature for Coastal Resilience”

3rd online session  Evidence on EbA effectiveness – Experiences from Central Asia and Viet Nam (6 April 2017)

  • Cost-benefit analysis as a communication tool for Mainstreaming EbA – Experiences from a data scarce Region
  • Quantifying adaptation benefits and comparison of coastal protection adaptation projects in Viet Nam