Discussion series: “Evidence on the effectiveness of EbA measures”

Two women working at a computer

Photo © GIZ / Michael Kottmeier

In collaboration with UN-Environment REGATTA/Practical Actions

1st online session How to strengthen evidence of the effectiveness of ecosystem-based adaptation (implemented by UN-Environment REGATTA/Practical Actions, 2 March 2017)

2nd online session Valuating and communicating the economic benefits of EbA (16 March 2017)

  • Economic tools for counting, capturing and investing in ecosystems as climate adaptation infrastructure
  • Valuating economic benefits of EbA in Thailand: EbA sediment trap versus dredging
  • Communicating “Building with Nature for Coastal Resilience”

3rd online session  Evidence on EbA effectiveness – Experiences from Central Asia and Viet Nam (6 April 2017)

  • Cost-benefit analysis as a communication tool for Mainstreaming EbA – Experiences from a data scarce Region
  • Quantifying adaptation benefits and comparison of coastal protection adaptation projects in Viet Nam


Webinar: Business Opportunities in Climate Change Adaptation & Resilience

The Private Adaptation Investment Bootcamp will be hosting a webinar on “Business Opportunities in Climate Change Adaptation & Resilience”. Providing both theoretical background and practical examples, the webinar will target entrepreneurs, investors, incubators, and the wider ecosystem of climate adaptation professionals, contributing to their understanding of climate change impacts and related business opportunities, and providing a platform for further engagement. 

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