Private Sector & Adaptation

Dealing with risks and seizing &
financing opportunities in
the private sector

Arctic Infrastructure​

Arctic Infrastructure (AI) supports public and private actors in planning and implementing climate-smart infrastructure projects, contributing to addressing the challenges that Nigeria is facing with growing urbanization and to making infrastructure more resilient to the adverse impacts of climate change.

Business Model

Arctic Infrastructure (AI) works as representative to development partners to deliver climate impact projects in Nigerian cities. AI provides support to public and private institutions in planning, designing, implementing, and mobilizing finance for innovative urban climate resilient infrastructure in the cities of Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Adaptation Impact

Integration of services and solutions into infrastructure and urban spaces to make them more resilient to climate change impacts.

Gender relevance

Women make up about 50% of the key staff and 28% of Directors. Substantial number of residents in the line of impact of flood risk where AI delivers service are females.