Private Sector & Adaptation

Dealing with risks and seizing &
financing opportunities in
the private sector

Cofarms Greenaid Revolution

CoFarms provides a range of services to small-scale farmers, including trainings, seeds, and access to information relevant for farming. Having access to reliable knowledge and tools, farmers are better equipped to ensure the viability of their business in times of increasing droughts, floods, and more unreliable weather patterns.

Business Model

Through its Farm Management System (FMS), CoFarms seeks to increase small-scale farmers’ access to Training, `quality seeds, inputs/markets and farming intelligence, helping them to increase their income and improve the efficiency of their farming practices. The FMS solution enables farmers to access vital information on climate change and farm inputs, whilst also serving as a platform for knowledge sharing and for connecting farmers and off-takers. Cofarms is working to reduce the number of small scale farmers by organizing small group of farmers to pull their small resources together and commercialize agricultural production.   

Adaptation Impact

Ensuring farmers’ livelihoods even in times of changing weather patterns and rising temperatures, helping farmers to adapt and plan for the changing climate and make information/ relevant planting date available for the farmers. Also planting four million trees. 

Gender relevance

50% in top management position are women.