Private Sector & Adaptation

Dealing with risks and seizing &
financing opportunities in
the private sector

MajiAgri Solutions Ltd.

MajiAgri’s innovative water harvesting and irrigation methods enable farmers to collect and store water when it rains, and to use the water efficiently when it doesn’t. With climate change leading to longer periods of drought and more erratic rainfall, this enables farmers to ensure their livelihoods even during dry periods.


Business Model

MajiAgri enables farmers to collect and reserve ground run-off or roof water whenever it rains through the installation of water harvesting ponds. They also provide efficient irrigation systems and climate-smart agronomic advisory services.

Adaptation Impact

Enabling farmers to farmers to cultivate crops even in the event of prolonged droughts, and increase their resilience to increasingly irregular weather patterns.

Gender relevance

Women-led – Two out of four management positions held by women.