Private Sector & Adaptation

Dealing with risks and seizing &
financing opportunities in
the private sector

Usomi Ltd.

USOMI seeks to address the paradox of hungry farmers through market facilitation. The company provides smallholder farmers with production support and guaranteed markets while offtakers and end-users enjoy consistent supply of desired volumes of high-quality commodities. 

Business Model

USOMI is a market facilitator that supports farmers end-to-end to produce staple grains and poultry under forward contracting. Use of modern technologies such as remote sensing, weather service and real-time aggregation platforms enhances productivity, consistent supply and guaranteed market access.

Adaptation Impact

  1. Enhanced and sustainable Production: USOMI provides farmers with chicken of higher productivity and enhanced resilience that thrive in free range systems for higher incomes and better nutrition.
  2. Precision Agriculture: USOMI promotes conservation agriculture, soil remediation, drought tolerant seed and use of weather data to maximize crop health and productivity.

Gender relevance

Women-led – Chief Operating Officer
Supports women smallholder farmers