Private Sector & Adaptation

Dealing with risks and seizing &
financing opportunities in
the private sector

White Gold Camel Milk

Camels are well adapted to arid climates and produce milk even in conditions of prolonged drought, making them suitable livestock in an increasingly hot climate. White Gold Camel Milk aims to establish an equitable and profitable market for camel farmers and make camel milk widely available to consumers.

Business Model

White Gold Camel Milk’s mission is to ensure the sustainability and growth of the Kenyan camel dairy industry by creating equitable and financially sound business practices for camel dairy farmer and increasing consumer access to the camel milk supply chain.


Adaptation Impact

Camels are well known for maintaining milk production during drought for longer periods of time than any other domestic animal adapted to arid habitats, making them suitable livestock for arid areas affected by climate change.

Gender relevance

Female director of operations.