A City in Motion – Migration, Climate Change, and Governance in Baguio City

Baguio City is known for being a migration magnet as well as for having reached its ideal population size decades ago. This study attempted to examine and link three strands in Baguio City: migration, climate change (particularly slow onset events), and governance. They are highly relevant to consider given the significance of migration, the urgency of environment-related concerns, and the role that governance can play in promoting sustainable development in the city. By conducting focus group discussions with migrants and key informant interviews with relevant stakeholders in Baguio City, supplemented by interviews conducted with farmers and other resource persons in Atok and La Trinidad, Benguet, sets of questions have been explored regarding the perception and experience on migrating to and living in Baguio city in context of climate change and environmental degradation. Based on the findings, the study closes with policy and research recommendations. Among the policy recommendations forwarded by the study is to develop programs – such as skills training and upgrading, and programs to support migrants in their job search – to provide more employment options for migrants and to improve their economic integration in Baguio City.