Climate risk management – a framework. Promising pathways to avert, minimise, and address losses and damages [Concept paper]

The increasingly severe impacts of climate change arising from extreme weather events (EWE) and slow-onset processes (SOP) pose a threat for sustainable development achievements. Irrespective of ongoing climate policy efforts, residual risks from climate change impacts remain, potentially resulting in losses and damages. In response to this risk, GIZ’s Global Programme on Risk Assessment and Management for Adaptation to Climate Change (Loss and Damage) (GP L&D) has developed a Climate Risk Management (CRM) framework to avert, minimise, and address losses and damages.

This concept paper introduces and explains the GP L&D’s approach to CRM in the most comprehensive way. It provides detailed information on the different steps of CRM, from risk assessment to the identification of a context-specific, complementary mix of measures as well as monitoring and evaluation and continuous learning. Moreover, it discusses main nexus topics, such as gender dimensions of CRM, oceans and coasts and the meaning of CRM for the 2030 Agenda.