Entry Points for Mainstreaming Ecosystem-Based Adaptation: The Case of Mexico

This paper aims to identify potential entry points that stakeholders can leverage in order to mainstream the EbA approach into decision and policy making in the government, as well as the private sector. In order to identify potential entry points for policy change, this paper identified a combination of three key variables to create ‘windows of opportunity’: the problem stream (perceptions of problems that need to be addressed by taking specific action), the proposal stream (possible solutions to such problems), and the political stream (willingness to act, political interest and turnover, influence of advocacy groups) (Beland & Michael, 2016).

First, the paper provide an overview of the vulnerabilities (problem stream), climate change policy and governance landscape in Mexico (policy stream), as well as the instances in which policies incorporate EbA principles. The authors also analyze three case studies (proposal stream) in which various sectors and stakeholders have mainstreamed the EbA approach, drawing key lessons learned from these experiences.

Subsequently, the authors identify potential entry points that have a high potential to further promote the uptake of EbA measures by the federal and local government and by the private sector. Finally, a set of recommendations is put forward that can support the mainstreaming of EbA measures as part of the wider adaptation efforts in Mexico.