Global Programme Human Mobility in the Context of Climate Change (HMCCC) – Caribbean Component

Climate change impacts are reshaping human mobility across the Eastern Caribbean, with extreme weather-events, especially hurricanes, triggering displacement and migration. Projected climate impacts necessitate adaptive measures for Small Island States (SIS)of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS).

Against this background, the Global Programme “Human Mobility in the Context of Climate Change” (HMCCC) supports the region in advancing the sustainable management of climate-induced human mobility. Over the past six years, various knowledge products were designed to inform policies and the general public: An exhibition showcased regional climate change impacts, while studies delved into the role of gender, financing options, and disaster-related displacement considerations. Capacity-building initiatives empowered OECS governments and border officials to manage cross-border movement during disasters and workshops fostered knowledge exchange and scenario planning.

Through knowledge, policy and capacity-building, the Global Programme HMCCC aimed to increase climate resilience and adaptation across the Eastern Caribbean region.