Guidance on Integrating Justice Issues into the Planning of Ecosystem-based Adaptation Interventions

This guidance document provides an overview of the considerations and process for integrating justice issues into project planning for Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) interventions. It is primarily aimed at the practitioners and planners who design and implement EbA on the ground, offering them guidance on how to integrate justice aspects into the planning phase of an EbA project.

The main objective of the guidance is to show how justice aspects can be integrated into project planning in a practical way by:

  • Understanding and anchoring climate justice at a strategic level;
  • Integrating justice aspects into the project objectives and measures;
  • Designing the implementation setup to enhance climate justice;
  • Designing a participatory planning process that involves Indigenous Peoples and local communities as well as marginalised groups to foster justice.

This guidance document is not a detailed manual for integrating justice issues into planning. Rather, it describes key considerations and steps in a condensed form, and points to methodologies that involve more specific instructions.

This guidance document was developed on the basis of results from a desktop review as well as stakeholder consultation and dialogue conducted by GIZ from May to July 2022. The process involved over 60 representatives of Indigenous Peoples and local communities, local civil society organisations (CSOs), non-governmental organisations (NGOs), research institutions, national policymakers, implementing agencies, donors, and climate and biodiversity funds. At the end of the process, this guidance on Integrating Justice Issues into the Planning of Ecosystem-based Adaptation Interventions was identified as an important tool for helping development cooperation projects take justice aspects more fully into account.

An introduction to the Climate Justice Planning Tool is available here:


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