Impact assessment of EbA in Miraflores, Peru

Ecosystem-Based Adaptation (EbA) measures are receiving growing attention as cost effective solutions to adapt to climate change. Nevertheless, many gaps in the evidence base persist and methodologies are needed to evaluate and monitor EbA effectiveness.
This research overview summarises key messages obtained from a case study about EbA in the Peruvian Andes during the Mountain EbA project in Miraflores, which aimed to improve natural resource management in local mountain pastures and wetlands with a focus on community organization.
The author shows, how various indicators and monitoring frameworks can be used to display EbA effectiveness. With help of data sets, including pasture carrying capacity, a vegetation index, perceptions of community organisation and knowledge, the research suggests conceptual tools and indicators to measure EbA progress. Finally, key recommendations urge for more comprehensive EbA monitoring and evaluation schemes to help strengthen the evidence base for EbA; and mainstream EbA solutions into national and global policies.