Supporting Climate Resilient Economic Development in Kazakhstan – Application of the Model to Analyze the Economy-Wide Impacts of Climate Change Adaptation

Climate change poses major challenges for Kazakhstan. On the one hand, Kazakhstan committed itself to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. That requires a transformation of today’s resource-based economy and thus Kazakhstan contributes to limiting global warming. On the other hand, Kazakhstan is confronted with gradual long-term changes of the climate such as increasing temperatures, changed precipitation patterns as well as more frequent, more severe and recurring extreme weather events such as droughts and floods.

This national report on the application of the approach in Kazakhstan comprehensively outlines the CRED approach of modelling economy-wide impacts of climate change and adaptation. First, it informs about macroeconomic modelling and climate change impacts in Kazakhstan and then proceeds with combining both dimensions in the model. Lastly, the report conducts exemplary analyses of adaptation options in the agriculture, energy, and infrastructure sectors.