Webinar (6 April): Evidence on EbA effectiveness (III) – Experiences from Central Asia and Viet Nam


We are delighted to invite you to the 3rd and final webinar within the discussion series on “Evidence of the effectiveness of Ecosystem-based Adaptation” in collaboration with the EbA Community of Practice of UNEP-REGATTA, managed by Practical Solutions.

Themes adressed:

  • Cost-benefit analysis as a communication tool for Mainstreaming EbA – Experiences from a data scarce Region
  • Quantifying adaptation benefits and comparison of coastal protection adaptation projects in Viet Nam

The Invitation is now available here.

Webinar (16 March): Evidence on the effectiveness of EbA (II)


Upcoming webinar on

Evidence on the effectiveness of Ecosystem-based Adaptation (II):

Valuating and communicating the economic benefits of EbA

organized by GIZ in collaboration with UN Environment – REGATTA and Practical Action.

Time: 16 March 8.30 – 10 am CET.

Please see the webinar invitation and agenda here.


Looking forward to seeing you online!

Evidence of EbA measures: Webinars in collaboration with UNEP-REGATTA/Practical Solutions

Why is it relevant to have evidence on the effectiveness of EbA, how to generate this evidence and communicate it to the target groups?

We are delighted to invite you to our webinar series on “Evidence of the effectiveness of Ecosystem-based Adaptation” in collaboration with the EbA Community of Practice of UNEP-REGATTA, managed by Practical Solutions.

The invitation for the online discussion and first webinar on 2nd March 9.00 – 11.00 am (Lima, Bogotá, Quito) is now available here.

Discussion series on EbA-relevant tools and methods: Outcome paper and further sources now online

We need effective and field-proven tools and methods to support adaptive management and decision-making and consider EbA measures within an overall adaptation strategy. From September-November 2016, the online discussion series of the International EbA Community of Practice centered around three key questions:

1) Which EbA-relevant tools exist already and have been used successfully at different stages of the mainstreaming cycle?

2) How to adopt existing tools to an EbA context?

3) How to make these tools available to a broader audience?

In addition to the webinar recordings, an outcome paper on EbA-relevant tools and methods and a list of further sources is now available here.

Sharing success in Ecosystem-based Adaptation – EbA Solution Portal now online

What if we could learn from each other’s success? The EbA Solution Portal fosters sharing of field-proven knowledge and experience on Ecosystem-based Adaptation in different regions and ecosystems around the globe. It shows that inspiring and replicable solutions can be found everywhere on this planet and that EbA or “green solutions” are a state-of-the-art-reply to climate change impacts and deliver a multitude of benefits for societies, economies and environment.

This new global exchange platform under the PANORAMA initiative was officially launched at CBD CoP 13 in Cancún. Now the portal is open to connect practitioners and decision makers and to solution providers from all countries, sectors and levels to share their stories.

Webinar invitation: “Identifying and prioritizing EbA Options”

The 3rd webinar Identifying and prioritizing EbA Options within the discussion series on EbA-relevant Tools & Methods will take place on November 24th, 4.00-5.30 h pm CEST.


Community NEWS:

  • UNFCCC CoP 22: Side Event on sectoral NDC implementation
  • Habitat III: Financial instruments for urban EbA

Main thematic Input:

  • Tool to identify and prioritize Adaptation Options: Process of integrating EbA
  • Experiences from applying the prioritization tool in Colombia

We look foward to seeing you online! Please click here to enter the webinar room.

The EbA webinar recordings are available here.

NEW Publication: Stocktaking for National Adaptation Planning – Assessing Capacity for Implementing NDCs

The Stocktaking for National Adaptation Planning (SNAP) tool was developed by GIZ to assess, enhance, and monitor a country’s capacity for adaptation planning. This publication showcases the utility and use of the tool and highlights results from its application in various geographical terrains on national and subnational scale. The SNAP tool is one of the most widely used tools in GIZ’s armoury of support instruments for the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) process.

Target group are NAP focal points, technical support units for NAP, donor agencies, organisations supporting NAP planning, and the wider public interested in the NAP process.

The publication can be downloaded here in English.


New webinar series on EbA tools & methods

The webinar series on EbA tools & methods will start on September, 15th at at 8:30 – 10:00 AM CEST with a webinar on risk and vulnerability assessments in the context of Ecosystem-based Adaptation.

The focus of this webinar lies on sharing…

  • practical guidelines for conducting vulnerability impact assessments (VIA) in the context of EbA,
  • experiences from EbA projects with vulnerability assessments in the high mountains in Central Asia and on
  • methods for building capacities to strengthen EbA in planning and implementation.

Please click here to enter the webinar room or see the webinar recordings that will be provided on the EbA-Subsection on www.AdaptationCommunity.net

For further information, please contact Alexandra.koengeter@giz.de

Climate Change Policy Brief on (I)NDC adaptation components and NAP – NOW available in English, French and Spanish!

Taking into account that most INDCs include adaptation components, the question of how they are linked to the NAP process, and to existing adaptation strategies and planning documents becomes pressing. GIZ’ Climate Policy Support Programme developed a policy brief aiming at stimulating and enriching discussions without attempting to provide a final answer to the question of synergies and links between adaptation components in (I)NDCs and the NAP process.

To find out more visit the (I)NDC adaptation components and NAP site

NEW: Community of Practice on EbA launched on 15 June in Berlin

Between 13 and 16 June, more than 60 experts and practitioners launched an international Community of Practice (CoP) on ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA) in Berlin organized by GIZ through the BMUB-IKI funded Global Project Mainstreaming EbA – Strategic mainstreaming of ecosystem-based adaptation into planning and decision-making processes.

The purpose of this CoP is to share experiences and knowledge between partner countries in integrating EbA into policies, strategies, plans and programs, as well as capacity development measures.

This network includes representatives from ministries and experts from GIZ-supported partner projects from Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Grenada, Mexico, Peru, South Africa, Philippines, Viet Nam, India, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Mali, Thailand as well as international partner organizations and think tanks from UNEP, IIED, SEI, CI, IISD, IUCN, Wetlands International, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research, Michael Succow Foundation, Eberswalde University and The Mountain Institute.

The CoP will support these partners by providing various formats for exchange including a webinar series on www.AdaptationCommunity.net , specific working groups (e.g. entry points for EbA, evidences and benefits of EbA approaches, finance, tools and methods for vulnerability assessments, ecosystem valuation, etc.) and peer-to-peer coaching formats for exchanging experiences and challenges on EbA mainstreaming in a closed virtual space.

For further information please contact Dr Arno Sckeyde (arno.sckeyde@giz.de)