Adaptation M&E Training


This interactive training course (2-3 days) gives participants a systematic introduction to adaptation M&E. They get to know the process of developing adaptation M&E systems and indicators at national and project level. The structure of the training is shown in the illustration below.

The course can be combined with the GIZ/OECD training ‘Integrating climate change adaptation into development planning’ or in a stand-alone format (duration: 2-3 days).

Structure of the M&E Training
Overview of the M&E modules

Target Group: Project developers and managers, staff of implementing agencies and government representatives

Type of resource: Training



GIZ Adaptation M&E Trainer’s handbook (2.3 MB)
Trainer’s handbook with guidance on how to run the sessions.

GIZ Adaptation M&E Training Factsheet (2.1 MB)
Factsheet describing the adaptation M&E training course.

GIZ Adaptation M&E Training Manual (2.2 MB)
Training Manual for Adaptation Monitoring & Evaluation; part of the OECD-GIZ Training on Integrating Adaptation into development planning.

GIZ Adaptation M&E Training Slides (.pptx) (17.1 MB)
Slides of the Adaptation M&E Training which is part of the GIZ-OECD Training course on integrating adaptation into development planning. (Updated: 2016)


GIZ Adaptación de S&E Training Presentación (.pptx) (17.1 MB)
Presentación del curso de entrenamiento de S&E de la adaptación, el cual forma parte del curso de entrenamiento desarrollado en conjunto entre GIZ y OECD, sobre la integración de la adaptación en la planeación del desarrollo. (Versión actualizada: 2016)

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