NAP country-level training

Publishing date: January 2014

GIZ has developed the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) country-level training in collaboration with the NAP GSP, UNDP, UNITAR and UNEP for the use by governments, technical experts and civil society stakeholders. It addresses multiple sectors and is intended to serve as a basis from which a country may strategize, steer and manage its NAP process. As the same steps set out in the NAP process can be used to implement NDC adaptation goals, the training may also be used to support capacity building for NDC implementation.

The NAP country-level training consists of 19 training modules. They are organized in accordance with the NAP Technical Guidelines and range from preparatory and stocktaking work through to implementation and evaluation. The same steps can serve as a basis for the development and implementation of NDC adaptation components. The training is targeted at decision-makers and politicians responsible for the overall launch and steering of the NAP process as well as at representatives from sectors affected by climate change such as infrastructure and agriculture.

A factsheet as well as more information on conducting the training can be accessed below.

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Language: French

Resource Type: Training

Target Group: Governments , Technical Experts , Civil Society