E-learning course “Climate Risk Management – An Introduction”

Dealing with climate-related losses and damages in a comprehensive manner is a new field, as is its operationalisation in the context of climate risk management (CRM). Therefore, GIZ’s Global Programme on Risk Assessment and Management for Adaptation to Climate Change (Loss and Damage), commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), has developed a CRM framework to avert, minimise, and address climate-related losses and damages. In order to support partner institutions and practitioners in partner countries in dealing with climate-related risks, the programme has established a training course that serves as a capacity building tool on the developed CRM framework.


This online course offers the opportunity for self-paced learning in combination with numerous interactive exercises and readings. four selected modules with an introduction to 1) climate risks, 2) international climate policy, 3) GIZ’s CRM framework as well as 4) an applied module to climate change and ocean nexus

You can find more information about the capacity building course here. We hope that you enjoy discovering this new course!

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