Training Course “Dealing with Climate-related Loss and Damage within Climate Risk Management”

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The training course “Dealing with Climate-related Loss and Damage within Climate Risk Management” developed by the Global Programme on Risk Assessment and Management for Adaptation to Climate Change (Loss and Damage) provides explanations about conceptsapproaches and measures to avert, minimize, and address losses and damages. 
The training serves as a tool to build technical capacities and initiate dialogue among partners working in various communities (climate, disaster, development etc.) and sectors. It targets technical staff of institutions and decision-makers in partner countries. The modules of the course are structured as follows:  

Self-paced e-learning course

Selected contents from the training are now available in the self-paced learning course “Climate Risk Management – An Introduction” on the e-learning platform atingi. This online self-learning course introduces you to 1) the basic concepts of climate risks, 2) international climate policy, 3) GIZ’s CRM framework as well as 4) an applied module to CRM in ocean and coasts. After successfull attending the course, you can download a course certificate.


Until 2021, 13 face-to-face and 13 virtual seminars have been implemented. Among them two “Trainings of Trainers” to establish a pool of certified international trainers who can pass on the training’s contents and ensure the long-term implementation. Up till now, over 500 participants have been reached in various countries and regions of Central America, the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia since 2016. The map below shows an overview of the implemented CRM trainings and the different formats in which the training content has been delivered.

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For further information please have a look at our training factsheet, available here.

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