How soils help adapt to climate change

Soils are a key component in the fight against climate change. Soil protection and rehabilitation (SPR) technologies provide several advantages, including benefits for mitigation and adaptation, while also lining up with farmers’ goals to boost and secure their yields. Another potential benefit of better soil management is increased carbon storage in agricultural soils.

These new publications on SPR provide you with a guide for systematically assessing the adaptation relevance of SPR. The approach has been already tested in 6 partner countries. Recommendations on how agroecology and particularly SPR can be leveraged for adaptation based on these assessments are presented in an accompanying brief.

In conjunction with the guidebook and the brief, an Excel tool (klick here to download) is published which can be used for the process – the SPR adaptation Monitoring & Evaluation tool. The tool calculates a range of scores based on the results and structures the process. It contains all the necessary matrices and lists to implement the approach.

The multistakeholder approach and the participatory elements offer opportunities for networking and sensitisation of local experts, policy makers, extension officers and – most importantly – farmers themselves.

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