New Publication: The landscape of financing options to address human mobility in the context of climate change

The implementation of timely and diversified financing measures can dampen the effects of climate shocks, preserve and rebuild livelihoods and significantly reduce future costs. This study presents an overview of sources of financing for human mobility in the context of climate change (HMCCC) and profiles of 10 financial instruments and tools for addressing this issue.

Key sources of HMCCC finance that are discussed cover national, multilateral, bilateral and private sources. The 10 selected finance instruments are not mutually exclusive and each of them can play an important role, as part of a diversified risk portfolio, in dealing with the eventualities of climate change impacts on human mobility. Within the analysis an evaluation of the instrument’s gender transformative effectiveness has been included. Additionally, the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on financing flows and options for HMCCC has been considered in an exclusive chapter. The study closes with recommendations for different target groups, especially national governments, and donor organizations.

If you are interested in gaining further insights on financing HMCCC, you can download the study here.

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