Discussions series: “EbA-relevant tools and methods”

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Photo © GIZ / Dirk Ostermeier

GIZ 2016: Outcome paper of the discussion series and further sources

1st webinar Assessing risk and vulnerability in an EbA context (15 September 2016)

  • Community NEWS
  • Guideline for Vulnerability Impact Assessments under EbA
  • Vulnerability Assessments in EbA Projects – Experiences from Central Asia
  • How to build capacity for applying EbA Tools?


2nd webinar Assessing risk and vulnerability in an EbA context (13 October 2016)

  • Community NEWS
  • Solutions for Ecosystem-based Adaptation under PANORAMA
  • Climate Change Impact Assessment for the Atlantic Forest in Brazil


3rd webinar  Identifying and prioritizing EbA Options (24 November 2016)

  • Community NEWS: UNFCC CoP 22: Side Event on sectoral NDC implementation
  • Community NEWS: HABITAT III: Financial instruments for urban EbA
  • Tool to prioritize adaptation options: Integrating EbA
  • Experience from application in Colombia
  • Conclusions on ” EbA tools & methods”


Webinar: Business Opportunities in Climate Change Adaptation & Resilience

The Private Adaptation Investment Bootcamp will be hosting a webinar on “Business Opportunities in Climate Change Adaptation & Resilience”. Providing both theoretical background and practical examples, the webinar will target entrepreneurs, investors, incubators, and the wider ecosystem of climate adaptation professionals, contributing to their understanding of climate change impacts and related business opportunities, and providing a platform for further engagement. 

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