Discussions series: “EbA-relevant tools and methods”

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Photo © GIZ / Dirk Ostermeier

GIZ 2016: Outcome paper of the discussion series and further sources

1st webinar Assessing risk and vulnerability in an EbA context (15 September 2016)

  • Community NEWS
  • Guideline for Vulnerability Impact Assessments under EbA
  • Vulnerability Assessments in EbA Projects – Experiences from Central Asia
  • How to build capacity for applying EbA Tools?


2nd webinar Assessing risk and vulnerability in an EbA context (13 October 2016)

  • Community NEWS
  • Solutions for Ecosystem-based Adaptation under PANORAMA
  • Climate Change Impact Assessment for the Atlantic Forest in Brazil


3rd webinar  Identifying and prioritizing EbA Options (24 November 2016)

  • Community NEWS: UNFCC CoP 22: Side Event on sectoral NDC implementation
  • Community NEWS: HABITAT III: Financial instruments for urban EbA
  • Tool to prioritize adaptation options: Integrating EbA
  • Experience from application in Colombia
  • Conclusions on ” EbA tools & methods”