Assessing national adaptation in light of the Paris Agreement

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The online session presented the results of the Adaptation Metrics Conference, which was hosted by the Scientific Committee of COP22, and introduced a guidebook for the development of national adaptation M&E Systems. The guidebook was developed in cooperation with the UNFCCC Adaptation Committee and the Least Developed Countries Expert Group. The webinar also demonstrated how the M&E guidebook was used as part of the NAP process in Togo.

You can download the presentations, listen to the online session recording (requires JAVA) and read a blog about the Adaptation Metrics Conference.


Webinar: Business Opportunities in Climate Change Adaptation & Resilience

The Private Adaptation Investment Bootcamp will be hosting a webinar on “Business Opportunities in Climate Change Adaptation & Resilience”. Providing both theoretical background and practical examples, the webinar will target entrepreneurs, investors, incubators, and the wider ecosystem of climate adaptation professionals, contributing to their understanding of climate change impacts and related business opportunities, and providing a platform for further engagement. 

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