Examples of available tools to help businesses adapt to climate change

Climate Expert Website

The Climate Expert Website presents a practical 4-step approach and working materials that help Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) analyse climate change risks and opportunities and generate strong adaptation strategies. 

Climate Expert Assessment Grid

The Climate Expert Assessment Grid is a tool that companies can use to quickly assess their vulnerability to climate change (duration: approx. 0,5 days). A list of 30 questions guides them through an analysis of climate change risks in seven impact areas – including the company’s building & location, processes, logistics & stock, employees & community, government & regulation, market, and finance. 

Climate Expert Tool

The Climate Expert Tool is an Excel-based tool that allows companies to fill in and analyse all relevant information for developing an adaptation strategy that fits the characteristics of the company (duration: min. 2 days). One of the Tools’ key features is a detailed cost-benefit analysis (CBA). By working with cost ranges, the CBA takes into account the uncertainties of climate change.

Business Areas Climate Impacts Assessment Tool (BACLIAT)

The BACLIAT vulnerability assessment was originally developed with UK businesses. It is a workshop-based process to help companies to quickly consider the potential impacts of future climate change on their organisation. It can be used as a stand-alone tool, or as a step in a risk-based framework such as the Adaptation Wizard.

PREP Value Chain Climate Resilience

Oxfam’s PREP Value Chain Climate Resilience is a guide to managing climate impacts in companies and communities.