Brazil: Diagnosis of the occurrence of phenomena causing meteorological damages and losses in Infrastructures in the State of Santa Catarina

Santa Catarina (SC) is affected by several extreme events that result in natural disasters with serious economic losses and human casualties. These include storms, accompanied by strong winds, hail, and even tornadoes, which mainly affect the western part of the state. Another extreme event is heavy rainfall, which mainly affects the coastal region of SC and the Itajaí Valley, resulting in flooding, landslides, and landslides in large areas. This research aims to support the development of climate services by conducting a survey and analysis of meteorological phenomena that have the potential to cause damage and losses to infrastructures, specifically transmission lines of Eletrosul and the Port of Itajaí. It also includes analyzing meteorological data in the state of Santa Catarina, and creating a database according to the needs of CPTEC/INPE and the infrastructure sectors mentioned. These information will be extremely important for complementing the climate services that will be developed by CPTEC/INPE through the Eta Regional Model. Specifically, in the development and analysis of instability indexes as well as in correcting the bias of the Eta Model outputs.

  1. Work Plan
  2. Meteorological Events Causing Damage and Losses to Power Lines transmission of Eletrosul (LT’s) and to the Port of Itajaí
  3. Data Structured Database Organization Observational Variables: Temperature, Precipitation, Wind, Air Humidity
  4. Counting and Analysis of Frequency and Trend of Occurrence of Systems Mesoscale Convectives (SCM) Associated with Extreme and Case Events of Tornados since the Beginning of Records in Santa Catarina
  5. Análise de Frequência de Frentes Frias e Pré- Frontais com Potencial de Danos e Prejuízos