Climate Fact Sheet for Upper Tempisque Basin, Costa Rica

The Regional Climate Factsheet provides brief and concise information on possible future climate developments for the Upper Tempisque basin in the 21st century. The Factsheet summarizes the results of 28 regional climate model simulations. The information is based on two different climate scenarios, called Representative Concentration Pathways (RCPs). RCP8.5 represents a high-emission scenario, and RCP2.6 a low-emission scenario. Twelve different parameters for climate change are presented, which are relevant for various societal sectors, such as infrastructure. They are supplemented by an expert judgement of the reliability of the shown changes. At the end of the 21st century, the annual mean near-surface temperature increases between +1.0 °C and +1.4 °C in RCP2.6, and between +2.6 °C and +4.9 °C in RCP8.5; these increases are robust for both scenarios. For the annual precipitation at the end of the 21st century the projections show changes between -27.7 % and +39.9 % for RCP2.6, and between -75.5 % and +39.6 % for RCP8.5. For annual precipitation, the changes projected under RCP8.5 for the end of the 21st century are robust.

Read here the Fact Sheet in Spanish.