Climate risk assessment on infrastructure: A report about the bridge over the Tempisque river in Guardia, Costa Rica

Due to its geographical location, Costa Rica´s infrastructure is vulnerable to hydro-meteorological extreme events which will increase as a result of climate change. These events cause billions of losses in infrastructure, of which more than a half are related to the road infrastructure sector such as the destruction of roads, bridges and sewer systems. To analyse the exposure and hazard to climate-related events, the implementation of climate risk assessments on infrastructure is crucial. To that extend, the bridge over the Tempsique river in Guardia was chosen to pilot a climate risk assessment based on the PIEVC methodology. Throughout the assessment, the current vulnerability of the bridge´s components were analysed as well as the impact of current and future hydro-meteorological events were estimated. In a nutshell, the report provides decision-makers with necessary information to adopt adaptation measurements towards the maintenance and operation of a climate-resilient bridge. Of equal importance is the development of capacities among as well as the mainstream of the approach. Lastly, the assessment has incentivised to develop of a climate risk assessment tool tailor-made to the Costa Rican context.