Portfolio Screening: Impacts and Risks of Climate Change to Brazilian Coastal Public Ports – Executive Summary

Coping with the consequences of climate change is one of the most complex challenges of Brazil.
The port sector is among the sectors that can directly face the impacts from climate change — specially
because port infrastructure is highly exposed to climatic hazards. Ports are a critical intersection point
for global trade, so such negative impacts could result in considerable damages and losses, given that
approximately 90% of global trade depends on maritime transport to sustain itself. For this reason, in January 2020, a Cooperation Agreement was signed between ANTAQ and GIZ for the preparation of the study entitled “Impacts and Risks of Climate Change to Brazilian Coastal Public Ports”. Within this partnership, a climate risk assessment to 21 public ports was conducted to support the implementation of national public policies to improve the resilience of Brazilian ports, by prioritizing actions and investments.

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