PIEVC High Level Screening Guide: A guide to completing screening level climate change risk assessments using the PIEVC Process

Climate risk assessments are a crucial component to guide, design and operate infrastructure and
systems that are resilient to the effects of extreme weather and our changing climate. Climate risk
assessment is a process of identifying how assets respond to and recover from the effects of a variety
of hazards attributed to climate impacts. Many governments and organizations are using or requiring
climate risk assessment to inform adaptation action.

This PIEVC High Level Screening Guide (HLSG) is based on standard climate risk assessment
methods and is part of the PIEVC Family of Ressources. The PIEVC HLSG process is an approach
for undertaking vulnerability, risk, and resilience assessments. It is flexible enough to be applied to full assets or systems, to a single element of infrastructure, or to an entire portfolio of numerous assets.

PIEVC HLSG assessments result in the characterization and ranking of climate risk scenarios and the identification of those scenarios of highest priority for adaptation planning or more comprehensive analysis.

You can access a printing version here.